Sunday School & Bible Fellowships

October 15, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
First Baptist Church
Pastor Mark Massaro

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First Baptist Church is committed to God’s Word and provides classes for all ages where students can learn at their grade or age level. We use Regular Baptist Press’s strongly Biblical curriculum for all of our classes up through grade 12 and in a number of adult classes as well.

  • Sunday School classes for ages 2 through fifth grade.
  • Student Bible Fellowship for grades 6 – 12.
  • Adult Bible Fellowships for adults of all ages.

All classes begin at 9:00 am. Coffee is served in the Ministry Center.

Nursery (infants up to 23 mos.) is located in the Ministry Center
during Sunday School and all services.

2s & 3s Class teaches Biblical truths about God, God’s Son, God’s Word, and God’s world. Students learn that God is their creator and that He loves and helps them.

Teacher: Nancy Clark                             Location: Ministry Center

Pre-Primary Class (age 4–Kindergarten) reinforces foundational Biblical truths about creation, Jesus, salvation, and living for God.

Teacher: Rikki Sunderman                           Location: Ministry Annex

God’s Explorers (Primary grades 1–2)  provides an excellent opportunity for students to trust in Christ as their Savior and then to begin to grow as new believers.

Teacher: Abigail Georges              Location: Ministry Annex

Truth Travelers (Middler grades 3–4) puts the Biblical pieces together for the students and helps them understand God’s overall plan for redemption.

Teacher: Kristine Georges            Location: Ministry Annex

Faith Detectives (Junior grade 5) encourages students to live out their faith and learn to study and respond to God’s Word.

Teacher: Debbie White         Location: Ministry Annex

Middle School students are encouraged to personalize and truly live their faith while studying Biblical characters and relevant topics.

Teachers: Odoms                                                       Location: Ministry Center (2nd Floor)

High School class challenges students to stand firm in their beliefs and to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Teachers: Pastor Mark Massaro                          Location: Ministry Center (2nd Floor)

Young Adults (post high school or older) class helps ground people in God’s Word and stand firm in their faith.

Teachers: Burrises & Meschers            Location: Ministry Annex


Proclaiming Truth is for adults of any age who want to study the Truth of God’s Word and discover how to live it out in their lives.

Teacher: Kerry Overton            Location: Ministry Annex

Women of the Word is for all ages of women.  This class embodies a fellowship time that encourages putting God first in all our personal endeavors by displaying that Jesus Christ “is the way, the truth, and the life.”

Teacher: Cindi Massaro                    Location: Ministry Center

Cornerstone is for any age ranging from 30 to over 80 years. We study the Bible verse by verse with very practical application.

Teacher: Ted Waldroup                          Location: Ministry Center

Fellowship Class is a made up of older adults. There is no official starting age, all are welcome. We study various biblical topics and Bible books.

Teachers: Bruce Blaize, Cal Biddle, & Jim Clark                           Location: Ministry Center